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Whether you need a cake for a birthday or anniversary or any other special event, count on Tee's Cakes & Pastries of Chelsea, AL. We have a variety of cakes and flavors. We specialize in making custom cakes and giving our customers exactly what they desire.

You have the idea and Tee's can produce the cake of your dreams. We keep 8 inch flavored birthday cakes on-hand daily. Need just a small cake fix? Tee's Cakes & Pastries has a Cake of the Day sold by the slice daily.

Kindly allow 3 days notice when ordering custom cakes.

Custom Handcrafted Cakes for All Occasions

For FREE consultation on wedding cakes, call us at:

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You Have

the Idea

We Produce

the Results!!!

*Vanilla(White Cake)


*Yellow Cake

*Black Forest

*Red Velvet



*German Chocolate





*Key Lime

*Peanut Butter

*Butter Pecan

*Italian Creme


*Chocolae Fudge

*Bavarian Creme

*Confetti Cake

*Rainbow Cake

*Neapolitan Cake

*Trifle Cake

*Strawberry Shortcake

*Firecracker Cake

*Ice Cream Cakes(pick

your ice cream flavor)

Cake Fillings

*Cream Cheese






*German Chocolate

*Peanut Butter






Cake Icings

*Buttercreme Icing

*Chocolate Icing

*Cream Cheese

*Lemon Icing


*German Chocolate

*Strawberry Icing

*Caramel Icing

*Oreo Icing

*Pineapple Icing

*Key Lime Icing

*Peanut Butter Icing

*Butter Pecan Icing

*Fudge Icing

*Rolled Fondant

*Whipped Icing

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Specialty Cakes

Sheet Cakes

Baby Shower Cakes

Character Cakes

Shaped Cakes

Standard 8" Cakes